The Gallery

Capturing rocks “in motion” | the Racetrack, Death Valley, CA, USA
Moto takes a break | Nicaragua

Here you will find photos from our travels, life, and work with research around the world. Professional cameras to flip phones, sometimes we use what we have to capture a moment. This gallery includes the journalistic, the artistic, and the simply amusing.

(Uploading still in progress…)

Watching the train going by | Grand Erg Occidental

Sitting atop the Sky Palace | Caracol Archeological Site, Chiquibil Forest, Belize
12th Century Rest Stop | Château de Hierges, France
Step off! | Saguaro National Park, AZ, USA

Looking back | Harris River State Forest, WA, Australia

Photo of “Vibration” by Xavier Veilhan. | Borås, Sweden

The Seasons of Mac | Mankato, MN, USA

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