The Gallery

Capturing rocks “in motion” | the Racetrack, Death Valley, CA, USA
Moto takes a break | Nicaragua

Here you will find art and photography from our travels, life, and work with research around the world. Professional cameras to flip phones, sometimes we use what we have to capture a moment. This gallery includes the journalistic, the artistic, and the simply amusing.

(Uploading still in progress…)

Watching the train going by | Grand Erg Occidental

Sitting atop the Sky Palace | Caracol Archeological Site, Chiquibil Forest, Belize
12th Century Rest Stop | Château de Hierges, France
Step off! | Saguaro National Park, AZ, USA

Looking back | Harris River State Forest, WA, Australia

Photo of “Vibration” by Xavier Veilhan. | Borås, Sweden

The Seasons of Mac | Mankato, MN, USA

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