The Workshop

Coming soon: We really enjoy DIY projects, outfitting our vehicles to journey farther (and safer) into remote regions, and finding ways to better equip ourselves as we bounce around the globe. Not all our projects are for work. Some are purely labors of love. Here are the fun and useful projects that we’ve designed, built, or customized in-house at our workshop.

Mr. B
Post coming soon

Starting as my grandfather’s farm truck, it has become our main expedition rig and ongoing project.

Satellite Transceiver
Post coming soon

When remote with no connectivity, we built this to send/receive research data or in case of emergency.

Sgt. Tubbs
Post coming soon

Named for the wildfire that affected us dearly, this Jeep was our first purchase after, representing a new start.

Bumper/Tire Carrier
Post coming soon

With the camper and auxiliary fuel tank, we built a swing-away tire carrier for our spare and extra gear.

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